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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Time Stops" installation at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Based on my (slightly larger) photo-encaustic painting, "Time Stops," this two-sided installation piece was created in 2011 for a month long exhibition at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens. 
It was an experimental process for me that was designed to withstand the wet, harsh (for art) conditions in the Fuqua Conservatory. After the exhibition, I have been testing the limits of the piece by subjecting it to continual rain, sun, and abuse. 


Today, the piece is officially retired.

The structure of the piece was created with modified hollow core doors. The water proofing was multiple layers of UV stabilized epoxy made for boats. Ultimately, water got in through the hinges that held the panels together and the piece began deteriorating from the inside out. The image itself was well preserved; I couldn't detect any  fading.
My next test piece will hang rather than sit an the ground.  I'll try some minimal yearly maintenance; a clear silicone spray around the edges and on the hanging hardware.  Hopefully that will be enough to extend the piece's life to at least 5 years. I'll post pictures once the work is hanging. 

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